I am Carmen Beatriz Delfin

Planning a wedding is a job that can be exhausting, demanding time and effort to perform each of the tasks, my experience and knowledge give me the ability to adapt the needs of each particular couple developing solutions tailored to their marriage.

At Delfin Events I help the bride and groom to find the best options, saving time, saving their budget as much as possible, avoiding worries and prioritizing the quality of service with the highest quality suppliers.

As a Wedding Planner, I am committed to my work. I embrace the Wedding that you have always dreamed of and make it come true, from a modest, but tastefully organized celebration to a majestic event. I assure you that your wedding will have a common thread that will make it stand out for having taken care of the details and for having followed the same aesthetics in all aspects that make it up.

My goal is to offer our clients a professional and personalized service from beginning to end, advising the bride and groom in every stage of planning their wedding, ensuring that it is perfect, unique and unforgettable.

We currently work to be a recognized company in the Wedding and Event sector, offering quality services, standing out for the details, responsibility, commitment and dedication in each of our events.

Delfin Events, LLC


I want you to have the most beautiful, fun Wedding, the one you always dreamed of, that you live the happiest day of your life with a big smile. I share the different services that I have for you

Online counseling

You decided to organize your wedding on your own and you need expert advice … hire my consulting services

Social events

Organization and coordination of any social event such as birthdays, 15 years, baby showers, baptisms, communions, graduations, anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorette parties, commitments.

Corporate events

Launch of products or brands, Inaugurations, Congresses and Conventions, Seminars, Anniversaries, Christmas dinners.